Why AKA?

I get asked this question probably once a week and every time someone asks I want to say my favorite quote “From the outside looking in you could never understand and from the inside you can never explain it.” But instead, I take a breath and answer this question. I would like to start this post by saying SORORITIES ARE NOT FOR EVERYONE. With that being said you made the decision not to join one does not make you better than me.
  • You should not join a Sorority because
  • You like the colors
  • You want to step or stroll
  • The guy you like is in a Fraternity
  • You want something to do for undergrad (It’s a lifetime commitment)
All of my life I’ve grown up around strong women, some Greek and some not Greek, but the women who stand out in my life were not only Greek they were Alpha Women.
            Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. was founded in 1908 by 20 Black women who wanted an Organization to call their own. The Mission of Alpha Kappa Alpha is to be a supreme service to all mankind. We have chapters around the US and around the world who are dedicated to helping their communities.
AKA has given me the opportunity to travel the states and meet strong black women like the ones who founded my sorority. The bonds I have made and will make, will last a lifetime and will help me grow not only professionally but also as a person.  One of the closest connections I have made is with my line sister (Someone who entered the Sorority with me) She is my rock and has my back when no one else does. I am also blessed to call my mother my sorority sister and attend conferences with her. Alpha Kappa Alpha has made me a strong leader and a better person.

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