#ConfidenceChronicles -A Photoshoot


As I stated in my last post, my main goal for 2018 to become more confident. In order to hold myself accountable, I am going to start posting the things I do to work on this goal.

This week I decided to take pictures with a real photographer! And while I take pictures and post them all the time, I feel uncomfortable or I hate them immediately after I post them. Doing this shoot was a big step for me because I worked with someone I did not know and am stepping outside of my Psych related posts to focus on me. I didn’t even notice I have not posted pictures of myself on my site since it launched!

Hope you enjoy my first confidence chronicles wrapped up in a what I wore!

a (19).jpg

Pictures- @shotbyjo (IG)
Coat: Guess
Shoes: Call it spring
Bag: attribute.london

a (14).jpg

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