#ConfidenceChronicles- Yoga?

Last week I did something REALLY outside of my comfort zone. I tried HOT YOGA! I’ve always hated yoga because I’ve struggled with flexibility my entire life. Even as a dancer I always felt inadequate to the girls I danced with because I couldn’t kick my forehead.

Many of my friends (especially Shardae)  advocate for yoga and I have a back injury from that gives me trouble sometimes so I always think about trying it and back out at the last minute.

In the spirit of stepping outside my comfort zone and trying to be confident I decided to try yoga and…


I went to a place near me that has a “hot pod” in it that keeps the room at around 98 degrees. At first, I thought there was no way I was going to make it through the session in that heat but I did!

Not only did my body feel super relaxed but my mind did too. I’ve been a big ball of anxiety since I got back and that 45 minutes of not thinking about anything but breathing really helped me to calm down.IMG_4373.jpg

My instructor was really nice and motivating. She emphasized not looking around and comparing ourselves to others but to think about making progress from within.

It was a really positive experience all around and I can’t wait to go again!

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